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Viking Line Sees More Than 30 Percent Growth on its Tallinn Routes During June - More Additional Dep

Viking FSTR - Express

Tallinn's popularity among holidaying Finns continues to grow. In comparison to the previous year, Viking Line's passenger numbers for June have increased by an amazing 30 per cent on its Tallinn routes. Travellers are particularly interested in route services and travelling with their car between Finland and Estonia. The popularity of day cruises between Helsinki and Tallinn is also on the rise. Viking Line is responding to this heightened demand by operating up to 12 times a day between Helsinki and Tallinn with the addition of M/S Mariella and M/S Gabriella operating on this route during the summer period 1 July- 6 August.

The demand for cruises and route services to and from Tallinn is particularly high during the summer season. Viking Line has prepared for this demand by adding a record number of additional departures to their summer service in 2017. This summer, passengers can travel to Tallinn with the M/S Viking XPRS ferry and the fast Viking FSTR catamaran. Additionally, between 1 July and 6 August, the Helsinki– Stockholm ferries, M/S Gabriella and M/S Mariella, will also be travelling to Tallinn instead of remaining docked in Helsinki during the day. The additional departures provide passengers with more flexibility and guarantee that everyone can traverse the Gulf of Finland at times that suit their own schedules. The additional departures have also enabled Viking Line to expand the travel options it offers.

In use since April, the Viking FSTR catamaran has gained great popularity, as more than 150,000 passengers have taken advantage of the opportunity to travel to Tallinn in less than two hours. Along with its reputation as a fast travel option, the catamaran offers Viking Line's characteristic friendly service and bountiful catering. Guests have also enjoyed the wide selection of food and drinks that are offered in the calm atmosphere of the Club Lounge for 30 euro per person. The Viking FSTR also offers the fastest pre-order journey: reserve a return trip, take your car with you and make your online pre-order at least 12 hours before departure.

During the summer, Viking Line offers its guests the option to stay overnight on board and wake up well rested at their destination. In Tallinn, guests can board the Viking XPRS at 00:10 a.m., have a good night's sleep and wake up in the morning in Helsinki. An overnight on the ship is a brilliant alternative to a stay in a city hotel and provides the benefit of getting your car on board. From Helsinki, guests can board at 9:30 p.m., sleep restfully and arrive in Tallinn at 7 a.m., which gets them on their way towards Estonia's other locations or other Baltic destinations well before the morning traffic picks up.

"The demand for departures between Helsinki and Tallinn is at its highest during the summer. We are glad that the Viking FSTR catamaran enables us to offer our customers a record number of departures and more travel options this year. Despite the increased options, it's still a good idea to make your booking well in advance of your intended journey, as the most popular departures fill up quickly", states Jaakko Ahti, Route Manager at Viking Line.

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