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Interferry estimate that the global ferry industry transports at least 4.27 billion passengers and 373 million vehicles annually.  The ferry industry makes a significant contribution to global economic growth and prosperity.


Within this ferry sphere Maatsuyker specializes in the environmentally and time sensitive sectors of the market, seeking out efficient, reliable and profitable solutions for owners and operators around the world.  This market sector consists of around 1800 passenger and passenger/vehicle ferries in service.


Around the world each ferry operation has its unique route and market characteristics, and clearly one ferry solution will not suit all operations. Whether the route is:

  • Domestic or international trade

  • Exposed or sheltered waters

  • Long or short route

  • Passenger only ferry or passenger and car/vehicle ferry

  • Fuel type (LNG, MGO or dual fuel)

  • High, medium or low service speeds or

  • Commuter or tourist traffic.


Maatsuyker is highly experienced in all of these areas. Our bespoke ferry solutions tailored specifically to the requirements of the ferry operator are well proven to offer redundancy, long service life, high levels of operational reliability, economical operation at varying speeds, high standards of interior fitout and tremendous opportunities for building a well diversified and resilient revenue base for the the operation.


In addition, we can assist operators in determining the best strategy for acquiring new or second hand tonnage be that by way of purchase, bareboat charter, hire purchase or joint venture.


We look forward to answering your questions!

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