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Shadow yachts

112 metre shadow yacht

98 metre shadow yacht

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A shadow yacht or boat is highly specialised vessel designed with the primary function of supporting and enhancing the operations of a superyacht.


As any Admiral will appreciate, the harsh reality is that the fleet is only as fast as its slowest ship. Therefore, if a shadow yacht is to be useful in carrying a large numbers of toys, enabling advance security clearances for the Owner, victualing and refueling, then it needs to be significantly faster, have a higher operating envelope and a longer range than the superyacht it is supporting. To date no such shadow yacht has entered service.


Maatsuyker is the first company to bring together all facets of security, speed, economy, functionality, range and capacity in one customized shadow vessel. Our designs offer significantly more cargo space per metre of length, the most stable platform for the launching and recovery of toys and the most seaworthy vessel. Our shadow yachts can cross the Atlantic economically at an average of 40 knots without refueling which is more than twice the speed of any shadow vessels currently in service.


Our innovative yet proven hull designs are certainly establishing a new, very high capability benchmark for future shadow yacht projects.

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