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Since the Global Credit Crunch arguably one of the most demanding aspects of acquiring a new or second hand vessel has been the issue of raising finance.

Despite the difficult financial markets, Maatsuyker has continued to build a sound, proven track record of working professionally with operators, owners, governments, financial institutions, fund managers, private equity and high wealth individuals/families in order to close innovative, complex and tailored vessel acquisitions.


On a strictly confidential basis, we maintain a direct dialogue with a diverse range of global ship funding sources however we remain totally independent in our approach. The tangible benefits of our insights are:


For Operators – financial flexibility, equity release, improving financial ratios, turnaround strategies, innovative fleet renewal opportunities.


For Owners / Investors – we identify at a very early stage a range of existing and new market opportunities in the ferry, military and offshore markets.


For Finance Institutions – one to one professional service with high speed industry specialists who have extensive international experience.


The types of transactions where we have specific interest in assisting our clients include:

  • Sale and leaseback

  • Operating lease

  • Financial lease

  • Tax lease

  • Cross border lease

  • Bareboat charter

  • Hire purchase

  • Loans secured by mortgage

  • Debt refinancing

  • Cash flow based acquisitions

  • Cross border finance

  • Export Credit Agency (ECA) loans and guarantees

  • Residual Value Guarantees

  • Business turnaround

  • Disposal of surplus assets

  • Distressed vessel sales

  • Valuations.


In 2012 the Economist magazine reported that the two largest aircraft owning companies in the world were not airlines but rather the aviation leasing companies GECAS (1732 planes) and ILFC (1031 planes). This interesting fact clearly illustrates that leasing transportation assets can be a highly competitive business strategy that provides significant opportunities to leverage corporate growth and prosperity.


On behalf of existing clients we are actively looking for both Operating Lease and Sale & Leaseback opportunities.


Operating lease

Over 65% of the deals we broker involve competitive operating lease structures. By transaction value we have been involved in brokering more operating leases in the high speed ship market than any other company in the world.


Sale and leaseback

A sale and leaseback transaction involves a company selling a vessel to a third party with the Seller then immediately leasing the vessel back at terms acceptable to the Buyer. The transaction releases the Sellers equity in the form of cash however the Seller continues to maintain complete asset control for the duration of the leaseback. This sale and leaseback structure can be more beneficial than for example, a mortgage, as more cash can be released. Additionally, if structured as an operating lease, it can lead to significant improvements in the balance sheet, financial ratios and a Sellers credit rating.

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