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Super yachts

When an Owner states “I want a larger vessel”, they don’t necessarily want the shortcomings of a longer vessel.


“I want a faster vessel”, they don’t necessarily want to be burning more fuel and increasing their operating costs


“I want to have more toys”, they don’t necessarily want to have a converted offshore support vessel with a top speed of 10 knots, trailing 16 hours behind the superyacht on a short voyage from Majorca to Costas Smeralda or worse still, 72 hours behind on a voyage to the Greek Islands!


“I want a unique design”, they don’t necessarily want to be the guinea pig for a vessel concept that is totally unproven at sea.


Maatsuyker and our global business partners are bringing innovative, non-conventional thinking and world’s best marine practice to the fore in addressing the shortcomings of the superyacht sector.  Our designs are specifically tailored for the discerning Owner who:

  • Dares to be different

  • Has a penchant, all or some of the time, for real speed

  • Wants to access much shallower waters and a wider range of anchorages/berths

  • Wants to be able to cross the Atlantic unrefueled in under 3 days

  • Wants to carry ALL manner of toys on their yacht (and be able to deploy them)

  • Doesn’t want to compromise on interior space

  • Insists on proven comfort in rough weather

  • Wants to take delivery of a vessel in half the time of other superyacht projects and

  • Doesn’t want the fuel costs associated with high speed.



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