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Emergency response


A multi-purpose OSV is very likely to be one first vessels on the scene in the event of a maritime disaster.  In this respect notable features of our range of 25-50 knot multi-purpose OSV’s include our:

  • Larger vessels have been designed and built to operate in unrestricted R0 conditions ensuring that they can rapidly deploy in response to emergency situations in adverse weather and sea conditions

  • OSV range is ideally configured for the fast recovery of persons from the water (via deployment of our high capacity LSA Marine Evacuation System which takes 1 minute to be operational)

  • Catamaran range of multi-purpose OSV’s offer large, often covered, working decks that are well protected from bow and beam seas and located high above the waterline.  These decks can facilitate the fast and efficient assembly and deployment of a wide variety of oil containment booms

  • Very wide catamaran hull separation, with vessel beam of 15-32 metres depending on the size of vessel, is ideal for fitting oil recovery equipment,  skimming devices, oil separation equipment and dedicated high volume storage tanks, and importantly to carry out these operations in rough or shallow water when other skimming vessels are unable to deploy

  • Wave piercing catamarans have significantly lower roll angles than other vessels providing a wider weather envelope for helicopter, mothership, ROV and small boat operations.


Whatever the emergency, time is of the essence and the faster rescue services get to the scene of a disaster, the more lives that will be saved and the less environmental damage.  With these notable additional features our range of high speed, multipurpose OSV’s are, in the event of a maritime emergency, ideal for rapid and effective response.

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