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Agreement reached for purchase of Express

South American operator Buquebus and Nordic HSC, Sweden have reached an agreement regarding the purchase of a fast ferry for service on the Baltic Sea.

The Incat 91 metre high speed catamaran Express is currently nearing the end of a long term charter to P&O Ferries. Since 2006 the craft has operated across the North Channel between Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Brokered by high speed craft specialists Maatsuyker, delivery of Express to Nordic HSC is scheduled for autumn 2015.

Mr Ralph Axelson of Nordic HSC explained that the craft will then undergo refit and crew familiarisation before entering service in time for the busy summer season in 2016. “The stylish fast ferry offers comfortable seating and dining area and for those who want a little extra on board an impressive Club Lounge is also available,” he said.

“This is a vessel type that will be very familiar to many Scandinavian travellers. She is one of four sisters built in 1998, two of which – Max Mols and Fjord Cat – are in service on Danish routes.

“In fact, the Express is regarded by many as one of the most popular Incat catamaran vessels yet built. Capable of speeds of 40 knots, the craft carries up to 900 persons and 220 cars.” Mr Axelson said.

Nordic HSC is pleased to confirm the intention to register the vessel in the Swedish Registry and is seeking looking to employ Swedish Officers and crew.

During her delivery voyage from Tasmania to Spain in 1998, the craft set the record for the fastest Atlantic eastbound crossing by a passenger ship, making the 3,125 miles run from Manhattan to Tarifa, Spain in 3 days 7 hours 54 minutes, travelling at an average speed of 38.877 knots. During that same voyage she became the first passenger ship to cover 1,000 miles or more in a single 24-hour period. In covering 1,018 nautical miles in one day, beating the 868 miles record set by the liner ss United States in 1952.

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