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Juan Patricio


High speed catamaran available for sale 


Juan Patricio is a K55 Class catamaran designed by Advanced Multihull Designs (AMD) and built by the world-renowned Incat Tasmania shipyard.


Incat Tasmania is famed for pioneering the development of the large high speed ferry sector.  Following the delivery of the first twelve Incat wave piercing catamarans, ranging in length from 74-78 metres, ferry operators in the Far East and South America sought even faster, yet more economical, vessels that could compete more effectively with air, land and sea transport infrastructure in coastal waters.  The K Class catamaran targeted this market niche with the design specifically optimized to ensure maximum fuel efficiency and speed at any given deadweight.

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Notable features


  • Shallow draft (2.1 metres)

  • Passenger cabin consisting of First and Economy Class

  • Separate food and beverage facilities in First and Economy Class

  • Aft vehicle deck capable of carrying trucks and oversized vehicles

  • Large duty free shop with three (3) cashier points

  • Fast port turnaround (load & unload)

  • Highly maneouverable

  • Fast acceleration to service speed


As clear evidence of the success of this timeless “maximum fuel efficiency” design philosophy, Juan Patricio reached speeds of 53.8 knots during sea trials using only 21.6 MW of propulsive power!

Juan Patricio remains one of the fastest and most economical high speed vehicle ferries in the world.  In highly cost effective operational service today, Juan Patricio operates at speeds of 38-42 knots whilst carrying a mix of passengers, vehicles and freight.


Since delivery, Juan Patricio has proved to be an enormously successful ferry offering unsurpassed comfort, speed, reliability and economy.  The employment versatility of Juan Patricio becomesreadily apparent when it is considered that it is operated on two primary routes that vary greatly in length:

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina to Montevideo, Uruguay – 110 nautical miles

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina to Colonia, Uruguay – 27 nautical miles


Disclaimer: While Maatsuyker makes every effort to ensure the information provided is correct, it provides no guarantee that details are accurate and current.

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