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The ferry industry transports over 2.2 billion passengers, 269 million cars and 41.5 million trucks, on some 7.6 million sailings annually*. Maatsuyker specialises in the environmentally and time sensitive sectors of the fast ferry market, seeking out efficient, reliable and profitable solutions for owners and operators worldwide.

*Shippax figures for 2015



Maatsuyker is taking proven commercial off the shelf (COTS) technology and applying it to the offshore sector resulting in a range of efficient, ruggedized offshore vessels suited to intensive operations in fishing and the offshore sector (wind farms / oil and gas).



Maatsuyker’s principals have played a key role in pioneering the rapidly expanding market for efficient, high speed, multi-mission vessels that can operate effectively year round in defence and security operations, particularly in austere port and shallow water environments.

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Maatsuyker is pleased to release a new range of proven Superyacht and Shadowyacht designs that overcome the significant speed, economy, security, space and delivery lead-time shortcomings of some of other designs and concepts being marketed.

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Maatsuyker is a world leader in all aspects of the high speed craft and fast ferry industry and the company is well positioned to support current and potential operators worldwide. 


Built on the strongest foundation of a highly professional team who have worked at the forefront of the high speed craft industry for over 30 years, Maatsuyker has a proud record of assisting Owners and Operators with brokerage, consultancy and both commercial and technical assistance across ferry, offshore, defense and leisure sectors.


With a can-do attitude our business is continually evolving to meet the needs of Owners, Buyers and Charterers of high speed craft. Why not contact us today to discuss your high speed craft and fast ferry requirements.


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