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“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” – Charles Darwin


Rear Admiral Paul Ryan (Ret.), former Commander Mine Warfare Command, U.S. Navy said in referring to the 98 metre HSV “speed is a force multiplier, reducing the transit time to theatre, and therefore increasing the time on station.”


Lieutenant General Robert Dail (Ret.), former Deputy Commander of U.S. Transportation Command said in referring to the 98 metre TSV “In my mind Spearhead is about ‘Speed, Precision and Knowledge’.  In an unsafe world Speed is an even more priceless commodity.  You can’t buy back time.  Once time has passed it has passed forever.  Precision is the ability to cross various distances to get combat power delivered to the right port and keep it moving.  Knowledge is the ability to answer out customers question on where he is, where the enemy is and what is happening”

Military might

Every military situation is different and it is imperative that military commanders incorporate maximum flexibility in their operational planning in order that they can quickly respond to imminent threats and exploit any battlespace opportunities.


Our wide range of multi-mission JHSV (Joint High Speed Vessel), HSV (High Speed Vessel), TSV (Theatre Support Vessel), LCS (Littoral Combat Ship) and Coast Guard designs are absolutely unique in that they have been extensively operated by the United States and Australian military forces in real and at times unsupported military operations around the world including in the waters of West Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, Arabian Gulf, Arabian Sea, Norwegian Sea, Mediterranean Sea, South China Sea and the Timor Sea, among many others.


These economical very high speed vessels offer a multi-mission capability and they have been well proven in operations in and out of austere ports.  The shallow draft, high on call availability, rapid response capability and overall cost effectiveness of our vessels have seen them operating at the forefront of military operations involving:

  • Command and Control

  • Special forces operations

  • Combat / fighting force deployments

    • Personnel, 65 tonne tanks, armoured fighting vehicles)

    • AFV, other vehicles, weapons

    • DYADS towed magnetic sweep

    • Supplies and ammunition which are deployed at same time so that a company or battalion sized Unit can hit the ground running

  • Helicopter operations

  • Mother ship operations to small boat RHIB (rigid hull inflatable boat) operatives

  • High speed intra theatre logistics

  • Fast patrolling, surveillance and reconnaissance (including Economic Exclusion Zone protection)

  • Maritime interception

  • Homeland defense

  • Anti piracy operations

  • Escort vessel operations

  • Search and Rescue (SAR)

  • Mine warfare and countermeasures

    • LMRS (Long Term Mine Reconnaissance System)

    • MK-105 helicopter towed minesweeping sled

    • DYADS towed magnetic sweep

    • BPAUV (Battlespace Preparation Autonomous Underwater Vehicle)

  • Anti-submarine warfare

  • Troop transport

  • Drug and arms trading Interdiction

  • Mammal operations

  • Refuelling at Sea (RAS)

  • Seal delivery vehicle (SDV) operationsUnmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV) operations

  • Unmanned surface vehicle (USV) operations

  • Unmanned undersea vehicle (UUV) operations

  • Remotely operated vehicle (ROV) operations

  • Urgent humanitarian aid and equipment into austere port environments (examples: Ghana 2012, Haiti 2010-2011, El Salvador 2011, Guatemala 2010, Israel – Lebanan conflict 2006, Hurricane Katrina 2005, Asian Tsunami 2004, many US Navy Project Handclasp humanitarian and goodwill deliveries around the world)

  • In all over 30 mission scenarios have been proven with the the four Incat wave piercing catamarans that have entered military service.

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