Aremiti 4



This Austal-built 65 metre catamaran was delivered in June 2008 to serve coastal marine transport networks.


The original specification required the craft to be fast, yet carry a high payload of vehicles for her size. On trials she achieved a record speed of 55.9kt, making her the fastest diesel-powered passenger ferry in commercial service at that time.


Power is provided by four MTU 20 cylinder 1163 series diesel engines, each producing 6,500kW with 4 × Reintjes gearboxes and driving Rolls-Royce/Kamewa waterjets.


The 65 metre vessel can accommodate 208 passengers and 12 crew members each on the upper deck in three classes: Tourist, First and VIP. This is also scope for Buyers to increase this capacity.


Tourist-class seating is aft on the upper deck and has fixed and adjustable high back seating for 172 passengers. Each seat has leather headrests, armrests, meal trays in the seat back and life-jacket storage (underneath).


There are also twenty tub seats with tables positioned for views from the aft end of the ship. All passengers can use the ship’s Gitesse IMCOS audio-visual entertainment system via headphones.


Further forward on the upper deck is the First-class accommodation for 28 passengers. Finally, there is an eight-person private VIP room just forward and centre of First class.


In addition to usual ferry activities the vessel is suited to a range of applications including offshore oil and gas roles and EEZ patrolling. This is because she is equipped with helicopter landing and onboard medical facilities, making her very suited to search and rescue and medivac operations. Located on the bridge deck, the helicopter deck is suitable for the landing of medium-class helicopters (rated for a 6.4t helicopter). The wheelhouse was designed to provide a full 360-degree visibility (including a view to the helicopter landing deck). The helicopter deck is licensed for domestic operations and has lighting systems for night-time operations. A CILAS gyro stabilised glide scope indicator is in place to enhance safety.


The vehicle deck aft is designed to take axle loads of 9t or 12t (dual wheel). The rest of the main deck has a design maximum axle load of 3t (single wheel).

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