High speed vehicle and passenger ferries


The ferry industry transports over 2.1 billion passengers, 250 million cars and 32 million trucks annually.  Maatsuyker specialises in the environmentally and time sensitive sectors of the ferry market, seeking out efficient, reliable and profitable solutions for owners and operators worldwide.  

Over many years Maatsuyker has strived to present a range of quality second hand listings on this page. Unfortunately however, in the current market, there is chronic shortage of viable HSC second hand vessels available and the options we recommend inspecting are limited to those listed below. 


If these vessels are not suitable for your requirements please talk to us today about newbuild fast ferry requirements. We can offer vessels ranging in size from 20 to 120 metres.  These can be can be acquired by outright purchase or charter.   In most instances Export Credit Agency support is available.  Depending on vessel size newbuilds can be delivered in as little has 8-9 months.


Maatsuyker is direct with Sellers on the following High Speed Craft available for sale

We also specialise in developing vessels for specific Buyer/Charterer needs

Please contact us for details

  • 52 metre catamaran: Built 2008 Italy, 106 pax, 22 cars, 36 knots approx. Engines - 4 x MTU 4000 M71

  • 56 metre catamaran: Built 2004 Australia, 697 pax, 30 cars, 34.8 knots approx. Engines - 4 x MTU 4000 M70

  • 65 metre catamaran: Built 2008 Australia, 282 pax, 56 cars, 48 knots approx, Engines - 4 x MTU 20V

  • 68 metre catamaran: Built 2006 Australia, 600 pax, 85 cars, 95 truck lane metres, 36 knots service. Engines - 6 x MTU 4000 M73L.

  • 96 metre catamaran: Built 2000 Australia, 966 pax, 70 cars + 250 truck lane metres, 35 knots service. Engines - 4 x Ruston RK270.

  • 103 metre monohull: Built 1996 Italy, 743 pax, 150 cars, 33 knots approx. Engines - 4 x MTU, 20V 1163 TB73L