Bonanza Express


96m High speed catamaran available for sale 


Bonanza Express, a 96 metre wave piercing catamaran, was delivered in 1999 under a bareboat charter contract to Fred Olsen S.A. and it has remained on charter and in continuous service ever since.


Bonanza Express was the 25th wave piercing catamaran car ferry and the 27th high speed vehicle ferry to be constructed by the renowned Incat Australia shipyard. This long and unparalleled lineage of vessels in service around the world provided unprecedented insights into the rigours of all weather, year round, intensive ferry operations. In addition to this, with the design and operation of Bonanza Express the Fred Olsen group added three very important industry benchmark dimensions that remain relevant to this day, namely:

  • A clear focus on optimizing the on board passenger experience

  • Replacing older slow conventional ferries with efficient, high speed, freight capable ferries (Bonanza Express was the first high speed vehicle ferry to operate in the Canary Islands archipelago)

  • Maximizing and diversifying the revenue base.

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Bonanza Express is currently configured to carry 750 persons and 230 cars (or a combination of up to 330 truck lane metres and 80 cars).


Bonanza Express is built and certified to operate in up to 5 metres significant wave height. With its excellent manoeuvrability, station keeping and seakeeping, the latter afforded by fixed t-foils and aft trim tabs, Bonanza Express can sail when many other high speed ferries are confined to port. In operational service Bonanza Express has proven to offer very fast turnaround times (20 minutes) and extremely high levels of technical and weather reliability.


Bonanza Express minimises operating costs through a combination of low safe manning requirements, efficient medium speed diesel engines and a highly efficient hull form with minimal underwater appendages.