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Aremiti 5


High speed vehicle-passenger catamaran available for BBHP


Maatsuyker is pleased to offer this 56 metre fast ferry under BBHP with prompt delivery.


Built by Austal Ships in Western Australia in 2004, the Aremiti 5 is a comfortable catamaran with waterjet propulsion.

All details provided in good faith, without guarantee.

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• Construction:        

• Length:                     
• Beam:                       
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• Draft:
• Passengers Capacity:

• Vehicles:
• Service Speed:       

• Consumption
• Main Engines:             
• Propulsion:              

• Fuel:                   

Vehicle-Passenger High Speed Catamaran
Austal Ships, Australia, 2004

Germanischer Lloyd +100 A5 HSC Passenger - B OC3, Highspeed Passenger/ Ro.Ro Type, MC, AUT


56.0 m
14.20 m
5.0 m

697 pax

30 cars
34.8 knots @ 90% MCR

1.75 tonnes/hr @ 90% MCR
4 x MTU 16V 4000 M70, each 2,320kW @2,000rpm
4 x Kamewa 71 S11 waterjets

23,800 litres

Passenger seating is located on three decks. On the bridge deck, 70 seats are available for passengers outside. On the upper deck, seating is provided for 346 passengers in the forward and midships lounges. Separating the two lounges is an amenities block that also houses a crew room. 


In the aft lounge, where seating is provided for 156 passengers, a café serves beverages and hot and cold snacks. Outboard of the main dining area, alongside the windows, aircraft style seats are placed in rows of three. Below, on the main deck, a lounge with aircraft style seating for 128 passengers has been provided forward of the vehicle deck. Four aisles separate the seating blocks, which provide for seating configurations of three across the entire lounge.

The vehicle space is located aft and can accommodate up to 30 cars with axle loads of up to 1.5t. The vehicle deck has a height clearance of 2.6m. The ship is configured for a fast turnaround via ramps over the stern and port side of the vessel. Vehicle deck access is 5m long and 6m wide at the aft ramp, and 3m long by 3.8m wide at the port side ramp. On each side outboard of the stern ramp there are pedestrian walk-ways for foot passengers. The walk-way on the port side is sufficiently wide for wheelchair access.

The Aremiti 5 is powered by four MTU 16V 4000 M70 diesel engines, each providing a maximum power output of 2,320kW at 2,000rpm. Each engine drives a Kamewa 71 SII waterjet through a Reintjes VLJ 930 gearbox. This gives it a speed of approx 35 knots at 90% Maximum Continuous Rating.

Ensuring a comfortable ride for all onboard the vessel is fitted with a Seastate motion control system consisting of T foils forward and variable interceptors aft.

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