“Freedom is the ability to think and act differently”

Any objective perspective of the superyacht industry will conclude that:

  • The world’s fastest superyachts are by no means the largest.
  • The world’s largest superyachts are unable to carry all of the “toys” that an Owner may require.
  • The worlds largest superyachts are extremely limited in the number non commercial port berths and marinas they can access around the world.

When an Owner states:

  • “I want a larger vessel”, they don’t necessarily want the shortcomings of a longer vessel.
  • “I want a faster vessel”, they don’t necessarily want to be burning more fuel and increasing their operating costs
  • “I want to have more toys”, they don’t necessarily want to have a converted offshore support vessel with a top speed of 10 knots, trailing 16 hours behind the superyacht on a short voyage from Majorca to Costas Smeralda or worse still, 72 hours behind on a voyage to the Greek Islands!
  • “I want a unique design”, they don’t necessarily want to be the guinea pig for a vessel concept that is totally unproven at sea.

Maatsuyker and our global business partners are bringing innovative, non-conventional thinking and world’s best marine practice to the fore in addressing the shortcomings of the superyacht sector.  Our designs are specifically tailored for the discerning Owner who:

  • dares to be different
  • has a penchant, all or some of the time, for real speed
  • wants to access much shallower waters and a wider range of anchorages/berths
  • wants to be able to cross the Atlantic unrefueled in under 3 days
  • wants to carry ALL manner of toys on their yacht (and be able to deploy them)
  • doesn’t want to compromise on interior space
  • insists on proven comfort in rough weather
  • wants to take delivery of a vessel in half the time of other superyacht projects and
  • doesn’t want the fuel costs associated with high speed


Shadow Yachts

A shadow yacht or boat is highly specialised vessel designed with the primary function of supporting and enhancing the operations of a superyacht.

As any Admiral will appreciate, the harsh reality is that the fleet is only as fast as its slowest ship. Therefore, if a shadow yacht is to be useful in carrying a large numbers of toys, enabling advance security clearances for the Owner, victualing and refueling, then it needs to be significantly faster, have a higher operating envelope and a longer range than the superyacht it is supporting. To date no such shadow yacht has entered service.

Maatsuyker is the first company to bring together all facets of security, speed, economy, functionality, range and capacity in one customized shadow vessel. Our designs offer significantly more cargo space per metre of length, the most stable platform for the launching and recovery of toys and the most seaworthy vessel. Our shadow yachts can cross the Atlantic economically at an average of 40 knots without refueling which is more than twice the speed of any shadow vessels currently in service.

Our innovative yet proven hull designs are certainly establishing a new, very high capability benchmark for future shadow yacht projects.